Hello there, I’m Vicky.

      It’s so lovely to meet you. I’m a photographer based in Amersham, UK.

      My aim is to capture you and your family in the most laid-back, authentic way. You will have film-like images of your story to look at forever; like opening a little window into that moment of time with your children and remember their tiny hands and cheeky smiles. 

      I feel privileged to tell your story through my lens.

      Get in touch!

      5 random facts about me:

      • I have a Masters Degree in International Relations from IE Business School.
      • My first camera was offered to me by my father when I was 8 years old. Yes, it was film back then, not digital.
      • I lived in Madrid, Spain for three years (and have missed the sunshine ever since!)
      • I’m French Canadian (hence the slightly odd accent I can’t get rid of).
      • I passed my driving test 9 months pregnant with my first child (I now have three little ones).
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